Lately I Love: 1930's Embroidered Ladies

Something I've been completely enamored with as of late, are these adorable embroidered and often hand-tinted or appliqued ladies.

Recently, I was at an antique shop and saw some lovely embroidered and embellished pillows with faces or silhouettes of beautiful ladies on them. I have always enjoyed sketching female faces and portraits. Add that to my love of embroidery and you have extreme inspiration! I have started one of my own, which is pictured first.

I wanted to my girl to be very elegant with an element of flora or nature. Her soft green headband has a small bouquet of lilies-of-the-valley and violets. I also made her be a redhead, of course.

Whether they are depicted as Southern Belles in a garden, a flapper with her modern bobbed hair and expressive face, or a mademoiselle of the late 18th century, I absolutely adore them. Here are some photos for inspiration.

Beautiful vintage boudoir pillow design


Tinted with ink and oil sticks, embellished with embroidery

Vintage Hand Embroidered Runner Southern Belle Parasol Garden Crocheted Edge

Lovely tinted muslin apron

old embroidery

Art Deco Hand Embroidered Lace Pillow Amazing Lady Hat | eBay
These photos are from Pinterest, see this board for more
amazing embroidery featuring these delicate dames.

I hope embroidering becomes a favorite pastime again.
Things always come and go, old trends resurface, so I think this would too.