I've reached 3,000 views!

Wow, I can't believe how much my blog has grown over the past few months. Today, I looked at my blog dashboard, and I saw that I had reached 3,000 views. It may not be a staggering amount to some, but I'm so thankful for each and every follower and visitor, and am so happy to have a successfully growing blog. Whether it's 5 or 500, it's considered a triumph to me.
I'm nearing 60 followers, my monthly page views have been climbing consistently, and I'd like to keep it that way. I really want to be a successful blogger, and I can't do it without readers. I wouldn't be anywhere without your help, and I thank you all so much for supporting me and my blog.
I will try to keep my posts interesting and consistent. My goal isn't to have the most views, the most followers or the most popular blog. My goal is to inspire, bond with others over my love of vintage, branch my creativity and to make friends. I love talking with people from other countries. It's a great and quite fascinating thing to be able to connect and converse with someone on a different continent. Again, I am very grateful.
Thank you!


How I Do My Hair!

Good Day, my dears!

On one of my previous posts, I was asked how I do my hair. Now, I know most vintage enthusiast gals do their hair in pincurls because it's the most authentic method for almost every era. Pincurls are a wonderful, timeless way to set your hair in a vintage style. However, I find they don't work as well for me, so I use foam rollers. For this set, I am using 1" foam rollers. [I also have 1¼" and 1/2" foam rollers. I usually use 1¼" but since I didn't sleep in this set, I went a size smaller.]

Thank you to Miss Maple, she helped my uploading photos issue!
Without further ado, here is my set!

I have dyed, straight, fine hair with some breakage at my roots.
I wash my hair daily [typically at night] because my hair gets oily.
My hair in this set is dry for the most part.

I divide my hair in 3 sections vertically.
I start at the front with the center row first, then work on the sides, rolling back.
I may have spritzed my hair after rolling all of them.
[4/5 water, 1/5 Tresemme Curl Hydration?]

I waited about 4-5 hrs to take them out.

I try and find waves, the top being the easiest to harness.

And that's about it!
My setting pattern is very basic.
Sometimes I roll the front forward, but I don't notice much difference.
Happy rolling!


Coming soon: How I set my hair

Hello dears, I'm having some Blogger technical difficulties, so I'm not sure when my next post will be. But, I'm letting you know that the next post, whenever published, will be featuring how I do my hair.
For whatever reason, the "insert image" tab when I try to compose a post won't show the "browse" button. Obviously, I can't show you how I set my hair unless I have photos... I can't really post about anything without pictures! I know I can contact Google/Blogspot, but who knows how long that will take, and from my dashboard blog list, it doesn't look like any of you are having issues with attaching pictures to a post?
Once this issue is resolved, I will post asap!
Thanks for understanding,


Two Words...

Downton Abbey.
It's here.
And so is Matthew.


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Heck Yes.


Ivory Pottery Collection

Happy New Year!
I'm so happy to share the new year with you all and wish everyone the best of health and happiness this year!
Starting off 2013, I'll share with you my collection of ivory pottery.

They're all very warm pieces, and have the perfect amount of age.

A nice little dish with a bird design.

These are little deer we usually have out at Christmas time.

A very dainty tea set duo, with delicate features.

An adorable planter with two immigrant children, that look Scandinavian.
I hope you enjoyed this first little post of 2013!