Coming soon: How I set my hair

Hello dears, I'm having some Blogger technical difficulties, so I'm not sure when my next post will be. But, I'm letting you know that the next post, whenever published, will be featuring how I do my hair.
For whatever reason, the "insert image" tab when I try to compose a post won't show the "browse" button. Obviously, I can't show you how I set my hair unless I have photos... I can't really post about anything without pictures! I know I can contact Google/Blogspot, but who knows how long that will take, and from my dashboard blog list, it doesn't look like any of you are having issues with attaching pictures to a post?
Once this issue is resolved, I will post asap!
Thanks for understanding,


  1. I think this is a common problem. Before I started my blog, I got some advice from Solanah @Vixen Vintage - her best tip? Upload pics to photobucket or flickr, then use the "upload with URL" option instead. I've never had an issue this way!

    Hopefully that helps.... and I hope I can see your tutorial soon... win/win;)

    <3 Sara

  2. Thank you for following. I once had a similar problem and maybe yours is the same. You only can upload a certain amount of pictures. If you're over that number of Gigabytes you can't upload any more big photos, but you can upload small photos with only some hundreds of Kilobytes. Maybe you want to try that. I upload only such photos and everything works. I can't see any difference in the quality of the pics. Good luck!