New Hats

Hello! I went to some sales today and got two vintage hats. They both look to be about 40's - 50's.

One of them is baby pink with a large bow, which was made of wide ribbon. Which I decided to take off -- the bow was too large for the hat, not the same shade of pink and quite messily put together. Thank goodness the bow wasn't hard to detach or caused damage to the hat. I'm probably gonna save the bow for a sewing project. The hat looks like it is handmade! I may make a new, smaller bow for it or something. I will look at some old photos and see what would suit it best.

The color is so great. I think the hat was 50 cents!

And with the bow off...

I think it looks much better, especially when the hat is on, it's definitely less bulky and easier to match with outfits. Now I have a blank canvas :)

 The other hat is light brown and made of felt, with small bows on either side, that are perfectly wonderful! I believe this one is older, because of the pointed top, usually seen in the 1940's. I love the color of this one, because it's wonderful for Fall. And oh yeah, only $2!

Super cute, right?!

Oooh, New York :)

I can't wait to wear these! I'm really glad I found them. I have a another piece of headwear that I'll post, I think from the 1940's, it's ivory and has a nice velour/velvet texture. Plus, it's in a neat lattice shape! It's really unique, you wear it more towards the back of your head than the top. I saw Rachel McAdams wear one similar in The Notebook!

Until then,
Happy Junk Huntin',

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