My Obsession with Cast Iron Porcelain sinks!


I thought I'd share another little vintage obsession of mine, 1920's sinks.

An odd obsession, I know, but let's start from the beginning. During my childhood years, I lived in a cute little English tudor style house built in 1931. If something wasn't original to the house or isn't fitting to it's era, my parents corrected it. (If you watch Rehab Addict on the DIY Network, you will know what I mean.) There's so much my parents did to preserve the character and history of the house, and I now realize all of the hard work they did and commend them for it. All of the sinks in my house were original. (The awesome kitchen cabinets were also original, but that's another story!) As an all around vintage lover, I never wonder where I get my love for anything old from. Growing up in this little house with it's lovely charm, I didn't really question why my neighborhood friends' houses had newer sinks or cabinets or whatever and mine didn't. These neighborhood friends also had really cute homes from the same time as mine, some original, but not to the extent of my house.

So the old sinks my dad has in his barn bring me back to the house I grew up in. In my future home, whatever age it may be, I really hope to have one of these cast iron porcelain enameled sinks, so maybe my children can have the same memory when they see one of these sinks. Here are some pictures of sinks I love.

A double drainboard style, the kind my dad will be putting in his farmhouse.

A great photo from a magazine showing a kitchen I'd love to have.

A double drainboard sink with legs, along with an adorable kitchen hutch.

A super simple kitchen probably from the 1920's, fit for "the modern housewife".
Me with a sink made by Sears, Roebuck & Co.

This is my future kitchen sink. Needs a little bleach though! :)
Thank you for reading!
Any childhood memories of yours you'd like to share?
Do you have a favorite sink style?
I'd love to hear!

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  1. wow, a young lady loving old sinks ... love that. hope you will be able to bleach this wonderfull sink.