August Purchases

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a splendid August. Where I live, it's been hot and humid. I want to get out of the house, even just on the patio would be nice. However, I find myself outside for no more than 5 minutes and wanting to go back into the house with it's refrigerator-like air. And if it is nice enough to open windows, there always seems to be some prick farmer that is spreading crap on his field. The joys of living in the Midwest. Anyway, lets see the pretty things of August, shall we?

Vintage blouse from Saving Grace Salvage

American Eagle Oxford Heels from Payless
Hudnut White Heliotrope Sachet Powder from Saving Grace Salvage

Vintage gardening book
Vintage Le Chic navy blue button packs
 Butterick pattern #1321
 Superior pattern #9766
 Simplicity pattern #4757
Advance pattern #7873 
Simplicity pattern #1799

Advance patterns booklet April 1936

 Large vintage mint napkin/towel
Small vintage salmon napkin/towel

Frontless Needlecraft magazine June 1929

Hope you all have a great September!


  1. Your polka dot blouse is lovely and the shoes are really useful cause they go with many vintage outfits. I own Oxfords too. I would like to know how this pretty Heliotrop powder smells. And these dresses in the last picture are just my cup of tea. Very very beautiful. So are you in the first picture - nice hairdo, pretty haircolour. Wish you the best and better weather to be able to go out for lovely walks.

    1. Thank you! The Heliotrope powder currently smells like baby powder.

  2. Great finds! Loving the patterns and your outfit-especially your blouse!
    I sympathize with you, our September so far is HOT with temps in the 90s-100s with some uncommon humidity levels :(


  3. Your hairstyle is gorgeous.


  4. the blouse is amazing. great find!