September Purchases

Hello everyone and Happy October!

Here is what I purchased in the month of September.

Louis Chair (DIY project)

Medicine Cabinet

Yellow Calla Lily button card

Set of 4 Art Deco buckles

Assortment of 10 vintage buttons

Cosmetic ads from Holland's magazine (See the Vivaudou talc below)

Mavis Talc by Vivaudou and small jar, given to me by a friend

Sheet music
Portrait of unknown woman

Set of three 2" drawer pulls

2 Post war button cards made in U.S. Zone of Germany

Oil portrait of "Irma" (but strangely looks just like me)

Not pictured:
Secondhand fall coat from Old Navy



  1. Oh so nice things you bought. Really amazing. I m in love with chair.

  2. You made great bargains. I love the yellow lily buttons. And the chair is sooo cheap. I think you couldn't find such a nice chair in Germany for such a low price. How comes that "Irma" looks like you? A forgotten ancestor?

  3. That last portrait is really beautiful, and she really does look like you!