A Downton Themed Tea at Barnes & Noble!

This weekend I attended a Downton Abbey themed party at the local Barnes & Noble bookstore. It featured tea, cookies, trivia, as well as a hat and costume contest! I had a wonderful time with all the other ladies that attended and had fun bonding over all things Downton. I had fun putting together my ensemble for the event, trying to match the upcoming season, which is the early 1920's.
Though not necessary, I tried to make my look as accurate as I could. I chose to wear a black dress with black embroidery and a black cloche with a felt flower. I accessorized with a long peach colored pearl necklace and my peach beaded handbag. Because my dress hem was above my knees, (unacceptable in these circumstances!) I wore a black skirt underneath the dress so my hem was at an acceptable length, mid-calf. Another benefit of the skirt underneath was that it gave the dress a tiered effect, which was somewhat common at the time. When we chose the nominees for the contests, I was lucky enough to win the costume contest and a trivia contest! It was a tie with another woman with a fantastic outfit. She also won the hat contest, which was well deserved. For the prizes, I won a photo album and canister of tea.
The costume contest winners


  1. Your dress looks great with the skirt underneath, I really like the tiered look it creates. You look like you would fit right in with the ladies of Downton.

  2. congrat on winning the costume contest. you really did a great job!
    i really have to catch up with downton ...