June Purchases & Free Stuff!

Hello everyone, I hope you had a great weekend (What is a weekend?)
Here is what I purchased and some free finds in my neighborhood on junk pick-up day!

1940's Simplicity Pattern #3490 from Vintage of Ada
Dutch girl planter from Vintage of Ada
Garden book from Vintage of Ada

Pink Abingdon Vase from Vintage of Ada

Small book about furniture styles from Vintage of Ada

Mary Pickford/Mary Miles Minter style hat from Vintage of Ada
Pinaud Apple Blossom Talc
Little singing figurine marked Japan

Book about flowers
Photo of happy 1930's woman

Vintage postcard

Can you say Call The Midwife?!

Dresses and Apron from Chicken Scratch

Figurine with ruffled dress
Vintage postcard of a cottage at Carslake, MN

Doeskin felt hat

'Virginia 1918' baby fork
Tiny butter plate
Yellow duck planter
Art deco vanity set

Child's nautical coat

Schrafft's chocolates tin
Asian style tin with lid
Vintage medicine tins (flower seeds are in the laxative tin!)

This sewing machine cabinet (minus the machine) and five windows from a bungalow were on curbs throughout the local area to be crushed taken as trash or saved picked up for free. I can't imagine these going to the claw!

Hope you all have a great July!


  1. Jealous of your hats and dresses here, what great finds! The blue one definitely needs some kind of Call The Midwife outfit post.

  2. The hats! That apron! The figurines! What seriously delightful finds, I do think you turn up some amazing stuff, and I am glad you saved those windows. They look so nice, they deserve a good home. : ) ♡

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  3. What an incredibly lovely array of treasures. Goodness! I'm smitten with all of them and scrolled through the photos three times to make sure I didn't dare miss a single thing or important detail to any of these beautiful yesteryear treasures. The nurses uniforms in particular jumped out at me, as I went as a 1940s nurse for Halloween a couple of years ago, which was the fulfillment of a longstanding desire of mine to just that ever since I was a little girl. My own uniform was classic white (with a matching vintage white cap) and looks relatively similar to the one here.

    I'm also especially head-over-heels for that elegantly gorgeous black hat. Swoon!!! :)

    Big hugs & many heartfelt thanks for your lovely birthday wishes, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Yeah, my head is spinning over Such Lovely Things!!
    The hats, the vase, incredible clothing ♥ Love the pj pattern so much ~ do you sew?
    And what Luck to rescue those gems from 'The Claw'