How I do my hair!

Hello everyone!
Since it has been a while since I've done a post about my personal vintage style, I thought I should do another post on my hair and how I set it. Especially because it is a bit different from the last hair post I did; my hair is longer than it was and I am using 1¼" pink rollers, rather than 1" black ones.
I didn't use any products other than Pantene shampoo & conditioner and Tresemme hairspray.

 Front view
I rolled them all backward.
 Left side

Right side
Back view
 Carefully unravel...
Right view with the rollers out
Left view with the rollers out
Back view with the rollers out
If you have an idea of how you want your hair to look, keep in mind it may have ideas of it's own. If it's being temperamental, just let it do what it wants and work with it.
When I like the way a wave or curl is moving, I hold it with a clip and spray.
Then I remove the clip when the hairspray is dry or when I'm finished styling.
And done!
Happy rolling!


  1. Great job, it looks lovely! I'll have to give this pattern a go.

  2. Gorgeous hairstyle and really lovely, easy to follow tutorial. Sub in pillow rollers for the foam ones here (which really, are like kissing cousins in terms of the results they yield) and this fairly similar to how I often did my wet sets in my pre-wig/still had real hair days.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. you are so lovely! i always enjoys seeing other modern/vintage gal's takes on the best hairstyles in history so cute, this turned out wonderfully.

  4. Hello there!
    Gorgeous hairstyle! It looks quite easy to follow.
    Say, have you done a "how I do my makeup" post? (haven't seen it of you did). You're makeup looks lovely, meaning: your face shines.

    My best

  5. Beautiful! The wave you have at the front is just perfection!!

  6. Perfect! I've been looking for good substitutes for pin curls (It's the best but just takes way too long), and I've been using those ones with the wire and foam, you roll the hair up and twist the ends. I haven't been able to make it stay though. This just might be it! :)

    1. I know what you mean about the pillow rollers, I have the same problem. Not the greatest for thin hair! Hopefully you have luck with foam rollers!