Sewing: 1940's Womens Slacks

Hello readers and autumn!
Sorry I haven't been posting as much as I should be and would like to, but everyone always says, life is busy, and it is. But I'm here and posting, finally! As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I was making a pair of reproduction 1940's slacks. The pattern is Simplicity's #3688. I've finished them and love wearing them. I had a few bumps along the way, and the zipper wasn't been very competent (as I had imagined) but they're awesome and turned out exactly how I wanted. Yes, I know that such a unique pattern shouldn't be the first one you follow, but I'm glad I took the challenge, and succeeded. So, without further ado, here is the finished product!


What do you think?
Next summer I think I will make a pair of shorts with
this pattern, but maybe in navy blue.
Until next time,


  1. Love, love, love! You and your handmade pants look terrific!

    I've not had great luck with vintage slacks over the years. I've bought from a couple of different UK based companies, but one pair was too small and the others from a second were too big (even though reps from both told me to buy those sizes based on my measurements). Thank goodness for my Freddie's jeans, which fit great, or I'd have almost no pants in my wardrobe!

  2. They look great! Cant wait to see other things you sew!

  3. those pants look great. i never find good slacks but i'm to unpacient to sew them as well ...

  4. Nice! What pattern did you use?
    I have been wanting to make myself a pair of slacks too.

    1. The pattern was Simplicity's #3688.

    2. I thought I reckognized it! I need to break it in and make a pair.