Feather Hat

Hello dears!

How has the month of August been treating you?  I though I'd share another hat from my collection.  A quite odd one, too.  It has feathers and a bow at the top, and much like the lattice style one, it doesn't cover much of the head.  It's a salmon pink (even though it appears Big Bird yellow in pictures) which is nice, but it's very unique, hard to incorporate into an outfit if needed.  I don't think it's very old, probably 1960's?  More of a display piece.  Regardless, I thought you'd enjoy seeing it!

Quite unique, huh?
What's your opinion?



  1. I think it's immensely pretty! I've always liked feather hats like this, especially in unique hues (I so need one in my wardrobe!). Love how beautifully the soft dusty-peach hue compliments your pretty red locks.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Hi I find your blog only now, and is so inspiring,;)I like you hair colour ! Clo:)

  3. Darling hat...you look so much like your great-grandmother! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!