Lattice Headband

Hi! I got this headband/hat a while ago, but I thought I should do a post on it since I've always wondered about it. I'm not quite sure what era it's from, or how exactly to wear it. It has a really nice ivory colored velour, velvety texture, and seems to be constructed with wire.

 (I put the bows there to hold it better on my head)

I think this is the way you wear it, but I saw Rachel McAdams wear one similar in the Notebook, but behind her head. Is it for formal purposes, like a wedding? Or is it just an everyday headband? Since it's ivory and has the wonderful texture, it leans me more towards formal, but I don't know. Hopefully you can think of some ideas, because It's such a unique piece, I'd like to learn more about it! Let me know what you think.



  1. Oh my, that sure is pretty! I would have no clue as to how it's supposed to be worn though. Hope you have a good weekend :)

  2. Much like your red locks themselves, this headband is absolutely beautiful. Done up in a soft cream like this, it looks wedding worth.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. i love all your hrad pieces on your blog. so gorgeous!!!

    i follow!


  4. ah its so beautiful and unique. looks very lovely in your red locks!

    love jaimee

  5. Coolest thing ever! Perfect for hat shy people like me, who want the cuteness of a vintage hat without the commitment. :P Wearing hats is a work in progress for me.