My Remington Rand Typewriter

Hello, dears!

I thought I'd share a nice possession of mine, a 1940's Remington Rand typewriter. I obtained this typewriter from a lovely elderly woman named Evelyn. (Not my great-grandmother, this is a different lady.) I was at her house with my dad, brother and grandparents because she was going to be living in the nursing home with her husband. She feared her family wasn't concerned about her belongings and thought they might just throw them away. So, she invited us over to look at some of her things in the basement, see if we wanted to purchase anything before it all would go. There was a plethora of books, painting supplies and lots of other items in the basement. After being down there for about an hour scouring, I found a case, a heavy case with a key. I opened it up and saw a vintage typewriter! I knew it was at least from the 1950's by the way it looked. And the (most likely) original case to go with it? Awesome! I asked her if she'd sell it, and she said yes. I believe the price was between 5 - 10 dollars. I did some research on it, and found out it was most likely post-WWII, and I noticed some like mine currently priced around $400 online. I haven't gotten my typewriter looked at by a professional, so any information I've read or seen could be inaccurate. I don't know how I'd consider the condition, all I know is it works. Right now I don't feel the need to have more information. I like it just the way it is, and don't want to profit from it. Like I said, it's a possession, not an item I'm trying to turn over to make money off of. If it's worth $400, hooray for me. Right now it will live a simple life with me and my crazy family! Here are some pictures of this little dear.

Do you have a typewriter?
Have a nice day!


  1. It's so gorgeous, what a lovely find! I think typewriters are such a nice piece to have even if they don't work because they look so pretty propped up on a table! I don't own one myself, but I would snap one up if I ever found it for a bargain price like you did :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this,I love it! I've always wanted a typewriter but I've just never that works.

  3. What a great typewriter! I have one, too, but unfortunately it's dusty and not used at the moment...

  4. Splendid typewriter! I've been scouring Messrs E&Bay for a suitable one so I can persue my writing dreams and deal with my correspondence. There's something about a typed letter.

  5. Amazing! When my grandmother passed away, one of her friends sent a hand-typed letter of condolence, and we were all quite impressed that someone was still writing letters on a typewriter. I am sure you will have fun playing with yours :)