Hobnail/Milkglass/Fenton Collection


I thought I'd share my collection of Hobnail/Milkglass/Fenton with you all! I started this collection because of Evie. She had a collection, and when I first saw this style of glassware at an antique shop, I thought they were so pretty. Our styles are very similar. So, I decided to start my own collection, starting with the 'bonbon' dish. I have been collecting this glassware ever since. I have 14 pieces in my collection so far. I'd love to find a pitcher or another vase. Here are some pictures of my collection!


My mom and I love the ones with ruffled edges.

This one my grandma said is a butter dish.
(I have dried anise in there right now!)

What's your favorite type of glassware?


  1. wow these look so cute!

  2. Gorgeous! I've always thought hobnail milk glass was absolutely gorgeous, and as I've been (slowly) working on decorating my room, I've been quite attracted to similar pieces. I particularly love Aqua Crest pieces... perhaps I will have to start a collection of my own.

  3. i adore milk glass, especially this hobnail type. I don't own any pieces yet as I haven't been able to find any in my trawls - I'm not sure it was as popular here in Ireland but I'm determined to get some next year!

  4. Oops, silly me:
    writing that I love your blog, then forget to follow! :$


    X Jessica

  5. Ooh what beautiful pieces! I know nothing about glassware - but purposely so, I have a feeling it could become an expensive past time, and I have neither the funds nor the space for it! I can live vicariously through your collection though :)

    Ruby xx

  6. Wow! That's another amazing collection. I love these pieces. In Germany we call this kind of glass "Warzenglas" that means "wart glass" so hobnail is a way more appetizing name. Since I love colours - that doesn't mean that I don't love white, but in my home almost everything is coloured - I collect coloured glass. If you want to have a look:
    I think it's very special for a seventeen year old girl to collect such pretty old things. I've almost never known a girl like you and I mean that in a very positive way.

  7. Dear Ivy, there's a milk glass pitcher on ebay for 31.10 €. Be fast or is it too expensive?