My First Beaded Purse + Adorable Sewing Patterns!

Hello dears!

Last Saturday, the 1st, I went to a holiday open house at some antique shops. When I was there I picked up some nice items, which I will show you all! The first is a really pretty beaded handbag. It has only a few beads missing on the strap. This being my first beaded purse, I don't know the much about them. But I think the price is good for being at an antique shop. There were other beaded bags there that were also really cute and would have bought, but they were a little pricey. Here is the bag I purchased.

Isn't the design so pretty?

 I'm going to see how long this 'Nobility' brand zipper has been around,
it could help date the purse.
The other items I bought are all really cute sewing patterns!

Definitely late 30's, the puffed sleeves are outrageous!

Super adorable schoolboy fashions that my future son would be wearing at all times.

1940's Pajama Pattern?! Rad!

This last snowsuit one reminds my Mom and I so much of my maternal grandpa.
Happy December!


  1. I gave you an award darling. Its called "paying it forward" and by the way I love your beaded bag. I just purchased my very first beaded bag a few months ago. I might need help having to date mine as well. I will post a picture of it asap.

  2. I love those patterns!
    I'd say that the beaded bag is early 1950's, maybe '52 or '53. :)

  3. That beaded purse is lovely. The first pattern is my favorite. It is darling; I would make that in a flash! It’s so difficult to find patterns from that era, you really scored!

  4. cute little purse but it doesn't looks too old. propably 50s, ja. old enough.

  5. such a cute purse! depending on the age a quality they can be expensive. I think $5 is an absolute bargain!