A Work in Progress: My Farmhouse Bedroom


How is your April going? The weather has been very inconsistent in my area. I am waiting for it to be warm and dry enough to spray paint so I can start some DIY projects. Same with OOTD posts. Rummage and Estate sale season should be starting soon. Until I have more options, I will do the best I can to keep posts coming!

Today, I'm sharing some pictures of my room at my Dad's house. (The first few pictures are from over a year ago when my Dad bought the house.) My Dad's house is an old farmhouse built in the 1900's, and is in need of some work. Some days we are ready for the work and think, This place is gonna shine. But of course, there are also days you just sigh and think, What are we gonna do? This place is a mess. Is there potential? Yes. Is it going to be easy? No. We aren't planning on a modern, hi-tech, HGTV style renovation. A majority of the materials will be old and reused. New materials will be bought if necessary and to fit code. As I said in my Obsession with old sinks post, my family loves vintage and antiques, so that's what this house will be about. We just have to get there. Here it is.

The doorway on the far left goes to another bedroom. The middle goes to the hallway. The far right doorway is a closet. As you can see, there is linoleum everywhere.

There is a door going to a flat roof, but I don't plan on using it. The photo on the right shows the linoleum design in the closet. I found it in the Spring 1946 Sears, Roebuck catalog. This pattern was also in another bedroom.

The linoleum wasn't in great shape and not the prettiest. It's not in any of the rooms anymore. The linoleum in my room in particular was awful to remove. There is still mastic stuck to the floor.
This is the current status of my room. Next time I will show you what I actually plan on doing with it! (The bed in the back is one of my projects for this year.)


  1. This will be absolutely beautiful when finished! So much potential, and you're super lucky to get to help turn it into the perfect hideaway for yourself!

  2. How exciting-so much potential! Must be fun to have full creative control over your room. Vera and I are roommates ;)


  3. how exciting! can't wait to see your plans ... and later hte results.