February Purchases

Green Scarf

Hobnail Vases from Goodwill

Architectural Salvage project piece from Habitat for Humanity

All for a grand total of $6!
Stay tuned for March purchases!



Oscar Favorites!

Hello! Here are my picks, in no particular order, for best dressed Oscars 2013.

Jessica Chastain
Giorgio Armani dress, Harry Winston jewelry
(And knockout red lips!)
Melissa McCarthy
David Meister dress
Zooey Deschanel
Valentino dress
Amanda Seyfried
Alexander McQueen dress
Amy Adams
Oscar de la Renta dress
Jenny Packham dress
Miranda Kerr
Valentino dress
Georgina Chapman
Marchesa dress
What are your best dressed picks?


OOTD: Happy Belated Valentine's Day

Hello readers, I hope you all are having a happy February and spent this Valentine's Day with the one you love! Today, I will be sharing the outfit I wore yesterday. I'm waiting for snow to melt and temperatures to climb so I can do more outfit-of-the-day posts. I have been lacking posts, and unfortunately, I blame winter. I want to go to flea markets and estate sales to show you all what I bought. I want to put great outfits together without a coat. I want to refurbish, but I can't because my spray paint will freeze. Do you find this season absolutely awful when it comes to blogging? I know spring and summer will come again, and I just need to be patient. I just miss the smell of fresh grass and wet mud. The birds singing and picking lavender.

 Blouse: Forever21
Skirt: Forever21
Stockings: Target
Lipstick: Sephora Rouge No. 18/Oh Oh!

Stay warm and be patient!


Book of Etiquette

Happy February!

I thought I'd share a vintage book of mine, called Book of Etiquette by Lillian Eichler. The book is circa 1922, and gives vital information on the do's and dont's of hosting parties, proper dancing and correct dress for the business woman, as well as much more. I find this book absolutely wonderful. The rules, and etiquette, in this book are certainly true to the era, and at times should still apply to present day. Not only is this book intriguing and informative, it is very attractive. The facade is a rich purple hue and has a golden rose design. Here are some pictures as well as some of my favorite excerpts.

Excerpt No. 1

Excerpt No. 2
The Business Woman



Excerpt No. 3


Excerpt No. 4
On the Street
Excerpt No. 5
Etiquette Abroad

Excerpt No. 6
Teas and Other Entertainments


Excerpt No. 7
Games and Sport

These are just a few of the fantastic guidelines, tips and instructions in this book.
Have you found it as wonderfully informative and intriguing as I have?