Feather Hat

Hello dears!

How has the month of August been treating you?  I though I'd share another hat from my collection.  A quite odd one, too.  It has feathers and a bow at the top, and much like the lattice style one, it doesn't cover much of the head.  It's a salmon pink (even though it appears Big Bird yellow in pictures) which is nice, but it's very unique, hard to incorporate into an outfit if needed.  I don't think it's very old, probably 1960's?  More of a display piece.  Regardless, I thought you'd enjoy seeing it!

Quite unique, huh?
What's your opinion?



Lattice Headband

Hi! I got this headband/hat a while ago, but I thought I should do a post on it since I've always wondered about it. I'm not quite sure what era it's from, or how exactly to wear it. It has a really nice ivory colored velour, velvety texture, and seems to be constructed with wire.

 (I put the bows there to hold it better on my head)

I think this is the way you wear it, but I saw Rachel McAdams wear one similar in the Notebook, but behind her head. Is it for formal purposes, like a wedding? Or is it just an everyday headband? Since it's ivory and has the wonderful texture, it leans me more towards formal, but I don't know. Hopefully you can think of some ideas, because It's such a unique piece, I'd like to learn more about it! Let me know what you think.



1940's Pants

I love all of the pants, slacks, trousers, etc. from the 1940's. I especially love seeing the women wear those fantastic high waisted pants. I love the menswear feel, the nautical feel, they're the best!

I have tried for a while to find a pair at the stores I frequent that look suitable. No luck. After driving almost everybody nuts, I finally decided to just attempt to make some, hoping to find a pattern that I liked. I am not a intermediate sewer, but I think I am out of the beginner stage...

So, after months of dreaming, I am finally working on a pair of my own, using a repro pattern by Simplicity, pattern #3688. I made a pair out of muslin first, just to see how they fit, look and feel. I really like them, it's the look I want to go for. Thank goodness. I did have a few bumps in the road, but I was able to manage, my grandma helped me out.

After procrastinating for a few weeks to make the 'permanent' pair, I got a little energy/confidence boost and decided to go for it. It was now or never. So far, I have to put in the zipper, waistband, and the hem. I'm so happy it's coming together. The biggest struggles I think I have are the zipper and waistband. I will post the finished product, hopefully they turn out!