March Purchases


Here are the things I bought this March.

Hobnail piece
Beaded clutch

Sheet Music

Coffee and Tea tins

(I also bought some european coins)
Stay tuned for April Purchases!


OOTD: Happy Easter!

Hello everyone and Happy Easter!

The snow is melting and the temperatures are slowly climbing! I had a lovely and delicious Easter lunch with my family. Here is what I wore!

Blouse: Forever21
Pants: Handmade (Simplicity pattern #3688)
Shoes: Target
Hat: Thrifted

Thanks for reading!


Happy Birthday, Ivy!

Hello dears!

I celebrated my 18th birthday this weekend and had so much fun spending time with my family. On the 16th, I went to lunch with my mom at one of our favorite little restaurants and then went shopping afterwards! I got some great stuff at Forever21. The first item I spied was one of the things on my list I needed to get; a navy blue blouse! If I didn't have luck finding a navy blue blouse, I said I'd make one. But I got lucky and it's almost exactly what I'd envisioned. I also found another much needed item on my list, a navy blue cardigan.

On the 17th, I went with my dad and brother to an antique mall. I got a beaded clutch and another piece of hobnail milk glass to add to my collection.

Overall, I had a really enjoyable birthday. To most, turning 18 is an important milestone. I suppose it is, you legally become an adult. I chose not to make my turning 18 a big deal, as it really doesn't change who I am in an instant. I'm still the same Ivy I was when I was 17. Of course, saying you're '18' makes you feel like you have more responsibility, and in a sense, freedom. And you do have more responsibility. I make positive decisions and act responsibly. I've always felt mature, and freedom isn't something to handle loosely. I am definitely not the type of teenager to say, "I'm 18, you can't stop me!" or "I'm an adult now, you can't tell me what to do!". I don't act that way because that is not the way to act as an adult. That makes you look childish and immature. I think it's safe to say I have no plans to rebel.

Here are some pictures of what I purchased over the weekend!

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Have a great week!


OOTD: Not Quite Spring Yet

How are you this Saturday? Today, I am sharing an outfit post. It was a bit warmer earlier in the day, but when it came time to take pictures, a brisk wind decided to interfere. Unfortunately, the wind often isn't on my side when it comes to an outfit post. My hair flies in my face, sticking to my lipstick, my skirt blowing in different directions, and my eyes squinting against the wind. But I know such things are just a part of nature. As the dowager countess once said; "that's the thing about nature, there's so much of it". Although the weather was cold, I did get a wonderful background. We went to a museum exhibit today which provided a fresh and pretty backdrop. Here is the outfit and beautiful scenery.

Blouse: Forever21
Skirt: Forever21
Cardigan: Old Navy
Shoes: Target
Purse: Thrifted
Headpiece: Thrifted
Lipstick: Sephora Rouge, No. 19
Have a great weekend!