April Purchases

Here is what I bought this month.

Vintage Paperdolls from Chicken Scratch

Bowl with pansy design

The Burr McIntosh Monthly - March 1906

'La Regale' beaded purse and gloves (my first vintage pair of gloves!)
Vogue pattern #7442
Simplicity pattern #1268
Vintage Millinery flowers from Back Porch Gatherings

Vase (with pretty craquelure)

Wildroot Wave Set bottle
Display cloches from Back Porch Gatherings

Grindley of England plate

Johnson Bros of England plate (look at that craquelure!)


10,000! Thank you!

Hello everyone! I'm so happy to share some great news with you. I have officially reached 10,000 views! It was only last January I shared that I reached 3,000 views and was absolutely thrilled. That means I've reached more than twice that amount in a little over a year! I am so grateful to have your support.
Thank you!

And on another exciting note, I am officially on the "We Heart Vintage Directory"!

You can see my listing here. I don't have a premium listing,
but if I ever have an Etsy shop, I will definitely consider it!



Happy Easter!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter filled with tasty food and cheerful memories!

Dress: Target
Cardigan: Old Navy
Hat: Rummage Sale
Millinery flowers: Thrifted
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Thrifted
90's does Victorian gloves: Grandma
Basket and flowers: Thrifted



Dear Mickey.

Mickey Rooney Just watching his movies make my day better. What a talented actor,dancer,singer,musician and I'm sure more.
via Pinterest

Thank you Mickey for all the great films and laughs.
You will be missed.

Mickey Rooney


March Purchases

Here are my purchases for the month of March!

c. 1931 Lander 'Lilacs and Roses' Talc
Pink and Green tea napkins
Sweet pea corsage

Sewing cabinet (With a Good Housekeeping seal!)
Bouquet of fabric Begonias in vase

1940's Simplicity pattern #4797
1900's Rectangle frame
Oval frame
Birthday Postcards

Sears Quilt book
Vintage navy blue metal buckle
Pair of small brooches
Drawing Instrument care book
Box of books
Set of 3 Viola dishes

Hope you are all having a great April so far!