March has come and nearly gone now, and among the many events this month was my 19th birthday. A nice lunch with Mom and shopping has become a tradition. My family is never one to throw huge parties or make it a big deal, thank goodness. A simple card and hug is great. If you think about it, every day, hour, minute, second, is a birthday. You are constantly getting older, and to some it may feel dreadful, but think about it this way; Everyday you Grow. Learn. Understand. Overcome. Change. Believe. You live! You don't need a giant venue, seating for 200 or even cake (Well, everyone wants cake) to celebrate a birthday! To quote The Beatles, all you need is love.

Blouse: Forever21
Skirt: Rummage Sale
Shoes: Rummage Sale

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OOTD: Flowers, Glass and Bronchitis.

Hello! I thought I'd do a quick little outfit post. Nothing special, but at least it's something! When warmer weather rolls around, I want to be out more and take pictures. I also want to take outfit pictures without a coat on! This particular day last week we went to an exhibit featuring ornate floral arrangements that were created locally. It was beautiful, but didn't help my longing for gardening and soil on my hands! Since the last weekend in February, I've had bronchitis, so I wasn't able to fully smell the wonderful aromas from the arrangements. Unfortunately my Mom and Brother managed to get it, too. After this exhibit, we went to an exhibit featuring Tiffany stained glass windows and other Tiffany creations. The process of making stained glass windows is fascinating and I would love to try it someday.

Blouse, Skirt and Coat: Forever21
Cardigan: Old Navy
Shoes: Thrifted (March purchases!)

Stay warm and hopeful!


February Purchases

Hello everyone, I hope you are all staying warm. I'm trying to! I'm looking forward to March, not only because of rising temps (if Mother Nature is on schedule) but also because it's my birthday month! The weather where I live has been very cold and doesn't seem to want to leave. We are way below our average high. Who wants to go outside and take pictures for outfit posts?! I love blogging, but I depend on good backgrounds, scenery and weather, but currently have neither. I hope you all understand. As for right now Pinterest, family and my cat are my companions. I'm having technical difficulties with blog pictures, so to see my purchases, go to my Evie's Tea Room board on my Pinterest.